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All Oasis products are guaranteed for 1 year against any manufacturing defects. Receipt is required to calculate time of ownership. Warranty does not cover damage incurred by the owner, small inconsistencies in the paint or stone (natural deviations are expected), modifications made by the owner or hired installer. 


All products received by delivery of shipping must be checked and noticed of any problems within 7 days of receipt.

Care and Maintainance

Please use a damp non abrasive cloth. Quartz may be polished to return to new appearance. Quartz does not need to be sealed. Wood may continue to breathe with time. Bathroom ambiance should be maintained without too much vairance as to affect temperature and humidity. Sunlight may create changes in the colors, please make sure exposure is controlled.


We offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Please keep all original packing and new condition of the product upon return. Returns that are not in new condition are subject to a 25 % restocking fee.

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